A Feminist By Definition

Recently I viewed a video labeled “Why I’m Not A Feminist”and it was quite a frustrating view for me. The entire video showed clips of multiple so-called feminists acting like imbeciles. I am a feminist by definition. I am not represented by the radical feminists. I am not a man-hater. For a person to base the entire feminist movement off of the radicals that lie within, is like basing the entire religion of Islam based on the actions of the radicals that continue to cause chaos around the world. How is that right? How does that make sense? I do not hate the male gender. I am just a person who believes that women should be equal to men on a political, social and economic basis. That is a cause worth fighting for. A cause worth standing for. I am proud to stand for this cause. I am a feminism by definition and I don’t let radicals establish my beliefs.